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About us

Qingdao Xite Carbon Co., Ltd was founded in 1987, which specialize in the production of carbon products. In 1998, the company Qingdao Zhonghe Carbon Product Co., Ltd. Was set up, mainly engaged in production and processing of various kinds of graphite mould. Company located in the central part of shandong peninsula, lacey had between Qingdao and yantai, Qingdao airport 75 kilometers, yantai airport 90 km; With three high-speed, high-speed lai weifang diesel, longqing was high-speed north-south east-west, jiaoji railway to all parts of the country.

  Carbon material is a kind of infinite charm. Has good conductivity and thermal conductivity, high temperature mechanical properties and chemical stability, he as a function of material and structure more and more get people's attention. And has been in electrical, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, nuclear power, military industry, and aerospace and other fields are widely used, and occupied so far can not replace any material status. In recent years the development of new materials, such as solar power, wind power generation, fuel cell, rechargeable batteries, such as photovoltaic (pv) graphite, but also the important material of high-tech industry.

  Our company produce all kinds of graphite mould, the main products are led method on continuous casting with graphite die and cases, horizontal continuous casting of graphite mould, diamond sintering mold, new energy use graphite sagger, etc.

  Company shall be to maintain the earth's environment of the 21st century. "Human and nature harmonious coexistence" business philosophy to carry out our daily research work. Company production of health care and sports fitness products and carbon carving products has been put into market. Hope to get more people from all walks of life friend's criticism and guidance.


Qingdao zhonghe carbon products co., LTD
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